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#BOHUP LP - Instant download, 13 tracks

The Band of the Hawk, the musical company known as DEF on the battlefield. Also known as the BOHUP Crew (BAND OF THE HAWK UNDERGROUND PYRAMID CREW). We brought everyone together to give you a lyrically raw mixtape with some bonus joints from our young up and coming acts. This is the first installment of many.

#BOHUP Tape - 4GB USB Flash Drive


Get your Limited Edition #BOHUP Tape.  This is a 4GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive that resembles a classic Cassette Tape.  We put different LP covers on each side, depending on the time ordered to make these more collectable and personable.  You will get the entire catalog with current singles and videos if room permits.  Don't miss out on this limited time offer.  We started with 50 on social media and we have less then 12 left.  #BOHUP





Grynd Seazon album download - LP instant download

Grynd Seazon (STX, Breeze, Whoa Vada) meet Noah Archangel (The Band of the Hawk), and emabrk in a sparring session of Beats, Rhymes and Life.  Originally meeting at a dive bar as drinking buddies, STX and Noah knew each other for years.  Then one day, after a Hip Hop Top 5 debate, they realized they both were creators. Noah invited him over to the Hawk's Nest, and he brought GRYND SEAZON.  The rest is in the music.  #BOHUP


The Maschine Wars: ExitUS LP - instant download

The next installment of The Maschine Wars from Noah Archangel.  ExitUS, delves deeper inthe crates of Noah's influences.  From Hip Hop to Jazz to Drum and Bass to EDM.  Noah leaves no genre unexplored in another 20 track tape sure to play in your cars, earpods and marathons for years to come.